Security Shift Staff

The Shift Staff are the primary contacts and first responders to all security related issues on campus. The Shift Staff are on 24 hours a day available to respond to any questions or concerns that the campus or community may have. Responsibilities of Shift Staff include opening of buildings and classrooms, parking enforcement, emergency response and ensuring the safety and security of all those on campus. If ever you find yourself in need or just have a question contact the Shift Staff and they will assist.

Contact Information:
Phone: 585-1103


Alpha Shift

Bravo Shift

Charlie Shift

Delta Shift

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Chad Schrader
Shift Supervisor
Greg Byrne
Shift Supervisor
Keith Wilson
Shift Supervisor
Eden Jordan
Shift Supervisor
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John Redmond
Security Staff
Spencer Gilbert
Security Staff
Mark Forsythe
Security Staff
Sara Eggett
Security Staff