Security Services - General Duties


The Safety and Security staff conduct patrols of the campus and buildings on a routine basis. Patrols ensure Acadia policies and procedures are followed and document offences. In addition they are responsible for ensuring all safety equipment is operational.

911 Monitoring

In an emergency call 911

Safety and Security has a 911 monitoring system in place on campus. All calls placed to 911 on campus (from a 585 exchange) send a signal through to the department so that we can identify the location of the call and respond to the emergency situation immediately.

Alarm Monitoring

Safety and Security has several alarm monitoring systems in place. The Security Office receives notification of fire alarms, intrusion alarms and panic button signals immediately once they are set off. Once one of these alarms is received emergency procedures will be implemented.

Emergency Phones / Blue Lights

Acadia University has a number of emergency telephones located throughout campus buildings and residences. Each residence room has a direct dial button on their phone that will connect the caller with the security office. There are direct lines to the security office located throughout the academic buildings and are for emergency use. Acadia also has 5 emergency poles (Blue Lights) located across campus. The Blue Lights are located in the KC Irving Center Gardens, Arena Parking Lot, the south end of the BAC/Library, between Chase Court and Roy Jodrey Hall, and on the path leading to Crowell Tower. The Blue Lights are for emergency use only.

You cannot call 911 from a blue light telephone. Blue lights are direct dial to Security (585-1103) only.