FAQ - Parking Questions

Where can I purchase a parking permit?

Acadia parking permits are available at different locations on campus. The Acadia Box office sells both the Facility Permit and Annual Permit. Annual Permits, Facility Permits, and Temporary Permits are also available from the Security Office in the Students' Union Building room 519.

Is there any FREE parking on campus?

Yes, Acadia has one FREE lot on campus. The free lot is located off Highland Avenue near Crowell Tower. See campus map below for location.


How do I dispute a parking ticket?

If you receive a parking ticket that you wish to dispute please fill out the ticket cancelation request form and bring it to the security office (SUB 519). This form will be passed onto the Director who will decide whether your ticket stands or is to be cancelled.

What if I don't have my parking pass in my possession?

If you forget your parking pass please contact Safety & Security at 585-1103 to advise. We will confirm your permit number. You may park on campus for that day ONLY. Other options available are: pay to use the metered spaces, buy a daily parking pass from the Security Office (SUB 519) or park in the FREE lot.  If you do not use one of the methods above you will be ticketed. If you are ticketed and provide proof that you have a parking permit your fine will be reduced to a 'Failure to Display' fee.

Why has the boot been placed on my vehicle? How do I have it removed?

The vehicle immobilization device or "Boot" is placed on vehicles that incur 3+ outstanding parking violations on campus. Booted vehicles must make arrangements with Safety & Security for payment of tickets and the Boot Removal Fee of $50 before the vehicle will be released. Once payments have been made the boot will be removed from the vehicle.

Why was I ticketed for "No Permit" when I have a parking permit?

All Acadia parking permits must be clearly visible, either from hanging on the rear view mirror or placed face up on the dash (Permit Number must be visible). If you were ticketed for "No Permit" your permit could not be seen. With proof of permit your ticket will be reduced to the 'Failure to Display' fee.