FAQ - Keys & Axcess Card Questions

Where can I pick up my ID card if I submitted my photo online?

If you submitted your photo online you will receive an email indicating whether your photo was approved or not. Once your photo has been approved your card will be printed and available for pickup. You can pick up your printed Acadia ID card at Safety & Security room 519 in the Students' Union Building.

Where can I pick up keys to my office / residence?

You can pick up keys for your office or residence at the Access Control office in the Students' Union Building. In order to pick up keys you must present a valid Acadia ID card.

What do I do if I lock my key in my office or forget it at home?

If you lock yourself out of your office or forget your key at home you will need to come to the Access Control Desk room 520 in the Students' Union Building. You can sign out a temporary replacement that must be returned by the end of the day.

I locked myself out of my residence room how do I get back in?

If you have locked yourself out of your residence room please see either your RA or the RA on duty for that night and request to be let back into your room. A schedule of which RA is on duty is typically found on your RA's door. RAs may charge for this service depending on the policies of your residence. If there is no RA available, please come to Safety & Security at 519 SUB and sign out a temporary key/card or call 585-1103 for assistance.

I have lost my key or Axcess Card what do I do?

If you loose either your keys or your Axcess Acadia ID card report it immediately to Access Control room 585-1736 or 520 SUB or the main security desk after hours 585-1103. Lost physical keys are charged a replacement fee of $25/per key. Additional charges may apply if re-keying of a building/room is required due to the loss of said key. Lost ID cards are charged a replacement fee of $15. An additional $5 is charged for each additional replacement within the academic year. Please refer to the ID Replacement Fees Chart.