FAQ - General Questions

What if I am lost on campus?

If you are lost on campus give us a call on your cell phone at 585-1103. We will be able to assist you in finding your destination on campus. There are also emergency phones located in several areas of the campus. These are direct lines to Safety & Security. Four of these phones are our outdoor blue lights, easily identifiable by their blue pole and blue light . These outdoor emergency phones are located on the path to Crowell Tower, between Chase Court and Roy Jodrey Hall, on the south side of the Beveridge Arts Center (across from Manning Chapel), and in the parking lot of the Acadia Athletics Complex. There are also telephones inside the entrances of each residence (except Raymond House) that you can use to reach us at 1103. Most payphones on campus also have a direct line to our office that can be used also.

What if I need an escort from one point to another on campus?

If you are looking to get an escort contact us at 585-1103 or visit our office in the Students' Union Building. We will provide an escort to ensure that you feel safe on campus. There may be a short time delay so pre-planning is suggested.

How do I know if campus is closed or classes are cancelled due to weather?
What if I need medical assistance?

If you are in need of emergency medical assistance dial 911.  If you are in need of immediate medical assistance contact Safety & Security at 585-1103. Alternatively if it is not a urgent case there are various clinics around Wolfville including the Student Health Center located at the west end of Dennis House.

What if I notice a suspicious person/activity on campus?

If you notice a suspicious person or suspicious activity on campus go to a safe location immediately and contact Safety & Security at 585-1103. Inform us of your location and describe what you have seen. A patrol will be dispatched to the area to investigate and make sure that you are OK.

What if my property is stolen or damaged?

Report the theft or damage as soon as possible to Safety & Security. A report to the local RCMP should also be made for criminal offences. It is important that we are informed of all thefts and damage as it may show a pattern of where these incidents are happening. Safety & Security can often assist the RCMP in their investigations.

What do I do in the event of an emergency on campus?

Call 911 immediately. If possible have another person contact Safety & Security to advise of the emergency.

I was recently involved in a situation where a security officer took note of personal information including my date of birth, address and telephone number. Why was this information requested, what happens to it and who has access to it?

Our security staff obtain personal information such as birth date, address and telephone numbers as part of our reporting process. If you witnessed, were the victim or are a suspect in a situation our staff will take your information for potential follow up questions. This information remains private and is only accessible to authorized Acadia University staff and the RCMP through the security office.

I noticed that there are cameras throughout campus. Why are they there, who watches them and what happens to the video footage?

Acadia University uses surveillance cameras as a tool to assist in keeping the campus safe and secure. These cameras are in key locations around campus and provide an additional tool for our Safety and Security staff. It is our staff who monitor these cameras and use them when needed to solve a case. The footage that is obtained from these cameras are stored for any potential use at a later date.

What is Acadia's policy on smoking?

Effective July 1, 2006 the Acadia campus became tobacco-free. This tobacco-free policy prohibits the use and sale of any tobacco product on the Acadia campus. Smoking is not permitted inside any building on campus and is only allowed at select locations on the edge of campus. If caught smoking in residence it may result in your eviction from residence.