Acadia ALERT - Emergency Notification System

What is Acadia ALERT?

Acadia University is committed to safeguarding our campus community with effective support in case of an emergency or closure. With this in mind, Acadia has an emergency notification system, called Acadia ALERT which is a combination of desktop and mobile alerts that message you until you respond.

How will I receive an Acadia ALERT?

  • Email notification will be sent automatically to your Acadia email account.
  • Text message or voice messages on your mobile device or a secondary email is optional and will require you to sign up.
  • In case of a campus-wide emergency or closure, the University website will display an Acadia ALERT Notification Bar to provide information and instructions.

In addition, the University may use the following additional means to get information to the campus community:

  • Fire alarm - indicates the need to evacuate the building immediately.
  • Information Line - 1-902-585-INFO (1-902-585-4636) will be updated to provide information to callers regarding an emergency or situation.
  • Campus Voicemail - notifies campus holders of a 585- phone number. Users can check their voicemail from any location to get information about an emergency or notification of campus closure.
  • Residence Life Staff - will communicate directly with students living on campus.
  • Local Radio Stations - will often broadcast information during severe weather situations or campus closures.


Whenever you receive an emergency notification, please act quickly and decisively, as directed by the notification.

To report an emergency, call 911 and contact Safety and Security at 585-1103, or *88 from a campus telephone.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • How do I sign up? Email and the University will send you sign up directions.
  • Will I receive notification if I don’t register? Yes. Students and employees of Acadia University will be sent information via their University email and/or telephone.
  • How do I change my information? You can update your registered profile at any time by going to the Everbridge Acadia ALERT portal.

  • Who receives the information I provide to the Acadia ALERT portal? The information is access by University Emergency Response personnel for important information and emergency notification.

  • How does Acadia decide to close and what are our shared responsibilities? Visit Campus Weather-Related Webpage.