Parking Permit Information

All vehicles parked on the Acadia campus must be registered with Safety and Security and must possess a valid parking permit for the current year. Acadia University offers a variety of permit options.

Annual Permits:

September 1st - August 31st: $120
January 1st - August 31st: $75
May 1st - August 31st: $60 
All annual permits expire on August 31. Annual permits are for use in any permit parking lot on campus but are not valid at parking meters.

Purchase your permit online

Secondary Parking Permits can be purchased for $15. This option is available for those who hold an annual permit and own more than one vehicle. Note: both vehicles are not permitted on campus at the same time.


Temporary Parking Permits:

Temporary parking permits are available to those not requiring long term parking. These permits can be obtained at the Safety & Security Office, Room 519 of the Students' Union Building. Temporary permits are not valid at parking meters.
    Daily: $6.00
    Weekend: $6.00
    Weekly: $20.00
    Bi-Weekly: $30.00
    Monthly: $40.00



Facility Pass

Acadia University offers an annual parking permit valid at the Acadia Athletics Complex parking lot ONLY. This pass costs $50 annually and is available through the Acadia Box Office or through the Security Office in room 519 of the Students' Union Building. The pass is valid for 1 year from the month issued and has a 3 hour time limit. You must have a valid AAC Facility Membership to purchase this pass. This pass is not valid at parking meters.