Parking Enforcement

The control of traffic on campus is a necessary part of the efficient operation of Acadia University. There are numerous meter and permit parking spaces made available across campus. In addition, we offer free 20 minutes spaces as well as a free lot (see campus map for details). The Department of Safety and Security is responsible for the enforcement of parking guidelines. A copy of the Parking Guidelines and a Campus Parking Map are available below for your convenience.


Parking Ticket

Parking tickets are issued to those vehicles that are parked on campus in violation of the Parking Guidelines. This includes, but is not limited to, unauthorized parking, no permit, fire lane, no parking zone, meter violations, etc. Ticket fees are $20 - $30. A $5 fee is applied for 'failure to display'. Fees are applied to the person whose name the vehicle is registered or the person who is the registered user of the vehicle on campus.  For more information on tickets see the Parking Guidelines or contact the security desk at 585-1103.


Towing / Immobilizing (Booting)


Acadia University reserves the right to remove an improperly parked vehicle from campus property at any time without warning, at the owners’ risk and expense. Vehicles may be towed or immobilized if found obstructing vehicular movement, blocking fire hydrants, service roads, or loading docks, or for having accumulated more than three (3) unpaid parking violation tickets.

The "Boot" is a vehicle immobilization device. The Boot is placed on vehicles that have 3 or more outstanding tickets. Information pertaining to this device as well as the contact number to the Department is placed on the driver side window of the vehicle. The registered owner shall contact Security and pay a $50 boot removal fee and make arrangements to pay the outstanding tickets. If a vehicle that is in violation of parking guidelines is obstructing vehicular movement, blocking fire hydrants or any other risk, the vehicle may be towed without warning at owner's expense. In addition, if the boot is left on the vehicle for more than 12 hours the vehicle may be towed without warning at the owner’s expense. Any damage caused by tampering with the boot will be charged to the owner of the vehicle.