ID Card Policies

Axcess Card

All Acadia University faculty, staff, and students are provided with a photo identification card. The cards are the property of the university. IDs can be obtained between 7:30am - 4:30pm Monday to Friday at the Safety and Security Department, Room 515 Students' Union Building. You must provide a picture ID for proof of birth date.

ID Rules and Regulations: 

  • Identification cards are property of Acadia University, Department of Safety & Security.
  • For your safety and to protect your property, lost cards must be immediately reported to Safety & Security (585-1103).
  • The card holder bears cost of replacement on lost and/or damaged cards.
  • If your original card is found after a replacement card has been issued, the original card must be returned to Safety & Security (519 SUB).
  • Do not lend your card to anyone for any purpose. Doing so is a violation of the University Access Control Policy and may lead to judicial charges.
  • Any tampering or defacing of the card may lead to judicial charges.

ID Card Replacements

There will be a replacement charge on all ID cards that are lost or damaged. Please refer to the following chart for the fees:

ID Replacement Fees

1st Replacement $15.00
2nd Replacement $20.00
3rd Replacement $25.00
4th Replacement $30.00
5th Replacement $35.00
This Chart is based on cards replaced per Academic Year


To replace a card that is expired or no longer functional due to fair wear and tear...No Charge.

Fair wear and tear is defined as: Photo or information on card is no longer visible or magstripe/barcode is no longer working.

To replace a card that has obvious neglect or misuse $15.