Campus Patrol / Event Security

Campus Patrol

The Acadia University Campus Patrol is a group of students who work with the full time shift staff to ensure the safety of those visiting and living on campus. These students conduct nightly walking patrols of the campus and residences ensuring that Acadia University policies are enforced. The Campus Patrol assist shift staff in dealing with emergency situations such as crowd control, building evacuations and medical emergencies. The Campus Patrol also provides a walk home service to Acadia Students. Campus Patrol members are easily identifiable through their Yellow Campus Patrol shirts or their Yellow Security Jackets.

Event Security

Safety & Security provides security and parking services to events occurring on campus. Our student security staff are the main component of this service and can regularly be seen at sports games and concerts. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for all activities on campus, be it at an Acadia Hockey game or parking for a concert.